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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address trauma and aid recovery in a homeless population'.

Game Therapy is a novel form of Drama Therapy where clients can playfully act out scenarios in a safe, controlled, psychologically informed environment to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight, and growth.

It differs from traditional Drama Therapy in that it uses collaborative Role Playing Games(RPGs), such as 'Dungeons & Dragons’-type games or video games, to intentionally achieve these therapeutic goals.

 Game Therapy UK is a group of clinicians, keyworkers and table-top Role Playing Game (RPG) enthusiasts who have come together to develop an evidence-base and best practice for the therapeutic use of RPG Therapy in UK populations.

the challenge

  trauma informed approach


 It is increasingly recognized that many people who are at risk of, or are experiencing long term homelessness, have been exposed to trauma, often in childhood. 

In the UK 85% of those in touch with criminal justice, substance misuse and homelessness services have experienced trauma as children (Lankely Chase Foundation 2015). 

 This is compounded as people are far more likely to experience trauma once homeless, be it witnessing or being the victim of physical or sexual violence. And of course, becoming homeless can itself be hugely traumatic.

There is growing evidence of the benefits of RPG Therapy in the management of young people with Special Educational Needs and people who have experienced psychological trauma (such as military veterans, prison inmates, complex childhood trauma). However little work has been done in the homeless population.




14 Oct 2021

Dr Gary Colman wins the London Homelessness Award for his work with GP Outreach, increasing the life expectancy of the population experiencing homelessness in Camden. The award is presented by Tom Copley, the Deputy Mayor of London. 


29 Sep 2021

Dr Gary Colman receives Highly Commended in Primary Care Team of The Year in British Medical Journal's BMJ Awards 2021.


22 Sep 2021

An article about our sister-project, the GP Outreach project. 


16 Sep 2021

An article in the British Medical Journal about the GP Outreach project. 


10 Sep 2021

An article in the London Evening Standard about the GP Outreach project. 

Camden Health Improvement Practice Article_page-0001.jpg
Camden Health Improvement Practice Article_page-0002.jpg
Camden Health Improvement Practice Article_page-0003.jpg

05 Dec 2020

An article in the London Evening Standard about our 'sister-project', the GP Outreach project. 

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