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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address trauma and aid recovery'.


Game Therapy UK is currently setting up a Faculty that will design and deliver training and CPD certification courses in best-practice of Game Therapy for Game Facilitators, clinicians and all those interested in furthering their knowledge of Game Therapy.

If you would like further details on how to volunteer to work with Faculty or to attend as a student then drop us an email. You can also 
sign up to our Newsletter and we'll keep you updated on future courses. 


We are very keen to help support the growing community of people interested in Game Therapy in the UK.

If you would like to get involved with Game Therapy UK as a volunteer on one of our projects, help in setting up your own project, or taking part in the conversation around research into Game Therapy then please drop us an email, or join our 
Game Therapy UK Community Group on Facebook where you can chat, contribute and share your thoughts.

Or sign up to our
Newsletter and we'll keep you updated on any developments. 

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