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now in its 16th year!
now in its 30th year!

Fortnight Club

2003...The  Comedy Cabaret
Why a shocked mouse?
                                          Find out here...
Everything started in a boozer in Soho...


2003 was a momentous year. In Iraq Sadam Hussein was toppled, In America Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes mayor of California and Concorde makes its last scheduled flight. Meanwhile in the Intrepid Fox boozer on Wardour Street, Soho brand new comedians Gary Colman, Jo Romero, Clara Heimerdinger and Padraid Hyland start The Comedy Cabaret. The worlds smallest and most inauspicious comedy venue in a shoe-box sized room above the infamous Goth pub. 

2006...The Electric Mouse Pub, Eire
Electric Mouse, County Mayo...

2006 and Padriad is asked to run a little comedy gig in his native County Mayo at a tiny public house called... the Electric Mouse.


The first couple of gigs were packed out... not difficult in such a tiny venue. But also because the headliners included Ardel O'Hanlon, Jason Byrne and Adam Hills.


2006...The Electric Mouse Collective
March 2006... The Fox , Palmers Green... 

Meanwhile in London the infamous Bound And Gagged comedy club left their long-tern venue at The Fox, Palmers Green and our two comedy chancers, Padraig and Gary approached the venue with a plan to run comedy there. What was their comedy venture to be called? Obviously... Electric Mouse. 


March 2006 and the first gig played to an ominously empty room with 24 people and 140 seats. However at that point 24 people was still the biggest audience Gary had ever played too.  

Gary and Padraid alternated MC duties at the monthly gig and slowly a loyal and comedy literate audience grew. Headline acts included Lee Mack, Jeff Green, Jo Caufield, and Reg D Hunter. 

july 2016
mar2 2016
7 MAR.jpg

Electric Mouse also ran a whole bunch of comedy gigs across London (Big Ben, Clapham, Whitechapel, Brixton, Kings Head Theatre Islington, plus more) as a fun, but short lived collective of comedians although The Fox remained their main venue. Sion James  ran a couple of Electric Mouse gigs in south London, Mac MacFadden ran gigs in Westminster and Oxford, James Mullinger ran a couple of theatre gigs and Robert White and Clara had gigs in central London.

Kings Head_A6 back.jpg
ElectricMouseClapham front.jpg
ElectricMouseAldgate front.jpg
Free Mouseketeers.jpg
2017... The end of Electric Mouse?
The end?

By 2017 the collective had kinda run its course. Clara had gone on to set up and run the very successful boutique chain of comedy gigs 'Nice N Spiky', Sion was running the lovely Bread And Roses comedy club in Clapham, Padraig was a successful Life Coach, Jo was a successful acting coach, James Mullinger had moved to Canada and had a career as a stadium filling stand-up comedian! And Gary was an unsuccessful comedian kept busy happily schlepping around the country doing some fairly God-awful gigs.


Then the final nail in the coffin... in 2017 the The Fox Pub closed as a live performance venue and all seemed over for the Electric Mouse.

2017... The Southgate Club
March 2017... The Southgate Club


However the lovely and loyal audience had other plans. Several audience members found a new venue for Electric Mouse and the gig moved to its current home at The Southgate Club, the countries oldest (and friendliest) independent social club. 

And the rest is, as they say, mousestory!

electric mouse comedy SOUTHGATE.jpg
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