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Stuff that's happened

August 2022
Very excited to hear that my little 'Dungeons & Dragons themed' comedy panel show DORKS N ORKS is scheduled to have a pilot filmed in LA this November. 


August 2022
So proud to be involved with the project 'White Boi' which had its first performance at the Camden Fringe this month. A play I was asked to write by the charity working with a remarkable young man in London who, within days of a school exclusion, found himself involved in gangs, 'county lines', drug dealing and knife crime.  The performances were amazing, funny and dramatic, 
Delighted that it looks like the play will be picked up for a longer run in London.

white boi.jpg

May 2022
Had a blast at the London Comedy Store hosting a charity gig for UK Game Therapy with the fab AL MURRAY, MARK STEEL, SHAPPI KHORSANDI, NICK HELM, and LAURA LEXX


April 2022
Had a blast recording a couple of episodes of the TV comedy panel show 'Left, Right and Centre'. I was representing the left and hopefully did Marx proud (Karl and/or Groucho). With the wonderful Miles Crawford, Samantha Day, Cerys Nelmes and the legend Bobby Davro.  

left right and centre.jpg
images left right and centre.jpg

March 2022
Had a blast chatting to my old pal Des Burkinshaw on Soho Radio's 'Museum of Soho' about my recollections of Soho. To be honest most of my time in Soho was in pubs so my recollections might be a bit hazy. We talk about the first little comedy club I ran at The Intrepid Fox Pub, my stag-do, and my favourite shop, the game shop 'Orcs Nest'. Originally broadcast March 2022 on Soho Radio, but click the link for a listen.  

download (2).jpg
Dr Gary Colman copywrite Steve Best cropped.jpg

image-Steve Best


Jan 2022
Great fun guesting on Gav Smith's fab podcast 'My Favourite Film' talking about my fave film, 'When Harry Met Sally'. One for the film geeks, as the podcast probably runs longer than the actual film. But, hey... what a film. And I'll have what she's havin'. 

download (1).jpg
harry met sally.jpg

Oct 2021
Great fun guesting on Keith Farnan's wonderful show 'Sideways' about my time in the army, working with the homeless and my stand-up comedy 'career'.   Originally broadcast on Why Now Radio, but click the link to have a listen. 

Dr_Gary_Colman©Paul StuartSmall.jpg

Image copywrite Paul Smith 

Sep 2022
So proud of the team at Camden Health Improvement Practice who won the London Homelessness Award 2022, and were Highly Commended in the BMJ Awards 2022 for their work providing healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in Camden.  
Click on the link below to see a little film about some of the GP Outreach work that they do which has increased the life expectancy of their homeless patients from 47yrs up to over 50yrs of age at a time when, nationally, the average life expectancy of homeless people dropped from 47yrs down to 44yrs. 

lonodn homelessness award.png
Camden Health Improvement Practice Article_page-0001.jpg

August 2021
Great fun guesting on River Radio's comedy panel show with the very funny Brian Naylor, Chloe Sinclair and Pratik Barman.

river radio.jpg

June 2021-
Great fun guesting on Ariane Sherine's podcast 'Love, Sex, Intelligence' (season 1, Ep 10).  Chatting about all things gynaecological.  (18 plus audience).

love sex intelligence podcast.jpeg

December 2021-
Great fun guesting on Rhod Gilbert's podcast 'Froth' (Ep 21). Chatting about things getting stuck up peoples noses and other high-brow shenanigans. 


December 2021-
Very proud to have a chance to talk to Pulse Magazine about the great work Camden Health Improvement Practice do providing medical care to people experiencing Homelessness in Camden.   

p4243_Dec2020_working life_v4.jpg
p4243_Dec2020_working life_v4-2.jpg

December 2020-

I feel very privileged to have been asked to write and direct "White Boi", the stage version of the true story of a remarkable young man who escaped gang-involvement.


Details of the East London production to follow. 

October 2019-

Delighted that production has started on a satirical documentary feature film 'Promagnon Man' that I've written and will be directing. 


Click the picture below for more details. 

website pic_edited.jpg
promagnon man.jpg

3-28 Aug 2017-

I am proud to have been selected to direct 'The Yeti' for the highly prestigious Comedians Theatre Company 6x6x6 at The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival 2017. 

28 Sep 2016-

First Episode Recorded Live for Funk'd Phenomena London Fields Radio... followed a few months later by the last episode recorded live for Funk'd Phenomena. 

1-28 Aug 2015-

I'm very proud that my little play wot I wrote was included in the Comedians Theatre Company 10x10x10 at The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival 2015. 

It starred the wonderful Keith Farnan and was directed by the BAFTA nominated Virginia Gilbert. 

1-28 Aug 2015-

I'll be up in the Edinburgh Festival performing in Pat Monahan's brilliant comedy drama 'The Double Life of Malcolm Drinkwater'. I play the ill fated sap who is lined up for assassination by his irate wife. We've all been there. And this won't be the last time I seem destined to die on an Edinburgh stage.  

Written by, and starring, the wonderful Pat Monahan. With Lucy Fredericks and Archie Maddocks. Directed by Maggie Inchley. 

1-28 Aug 2015-

I'm very excited to be performing in Jo Romero's fab comedy 'Scenes of  a Sensual Nature" with an amazing cast of comedians and directed by comedy genius John Gordillo.

Written by, and starring, Jo Romero.

With Mick Ferry, David Mills, and James Dowdeswells.  

1-28 Aug 2015-

I'm very excited to be bringing my 4th show 'TICKLING MICE' to the Edinburgh Festival.  Very much like the previous three but this time funny. And with a mouse. 

20-24th Oct 2014-

Check me out at The Chiswick Theatre in an Actors Temple Theatre Company/ Goat Boy Production of Trevor Griffiths seminal play 'The Comedians' playing the slippery Sammy Samuels. The cast, director and production are all amazing. And the writer was alright too. 

comedians collage.png

1-28 Aug 2014-

I'm very excited to be bringing my 3rd show 'ChUNT- The Verb To Grumble' to the Edinburgh Festival.  A bit like the previous two shows but this time with 'extra whinge'.

You're welcome. 

1-28 Aug 2013-

I'm very excited to be bringing my 2nd show 'GRIND' to the Edinburgh Festival.  A bit like my first show but this time I talk about my time competing in the British Snowboarding Championships. As you asked, I finished 9th. (In the veteran's)

1-28 Aug 2012-

I'm very excited to be bringing my debut show 'GARY COLMAN... AND STILL RARELY RONG'  to the Edinburgh Festival.  A joyous uplifting show about the crushing banality of family life. 

June 2012- "Desperado's" - The Etcetera Theatre


I'm very excited to be bringing Desperado's to the Etcetera Theatre. A  four-handed 2 act comic play featuring me, written by me and directed by me. And I made the props. 

2011- gig, gig, gig, gig, gig... wrote a play, wrote a play, was in a couple of other peoples plays... gig, gig, gig. 

2010- The world is not my oyster. This may take a little longer than anticipated. 

June 2009- An exciting new act bursts onto the comedy scene.  Young (yes) Sexy (yes) Hilarious (yes). This time next year the comedy world will be my oyster. 

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Ian Robertson

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